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Cerner Blog

As a global leader in health information technology (HIT) solutions, services, devices and hardware, Cerner’s products and services touch a lot of lives in a number of ways.

Cerner needed to be able to distribute content in a way that allowed visitors to quickly find information relevant to them enabling them to stay up to speed in a fast moving industry.

Cerner’s blog serves as a central hub for communicating with a variety of key audiences ranging from healthcare professionals, hospital administrators and government officials to investors and its 25,000 employees globally.

Understanding the wide range of audiences was the first step in ensuring we could connect them with the right content. Positioning the authors as thought leaders was critical as well.

The content itself came in the shape of of written blog posts, formal news and press releases, social media, podcasts, video and more. Presenting the deep library of content in a way that retained a keen eye for brand standards lead to a clean, but colorful interface that leveraged advanced content filters and visual animation as a final touch.

Making certain that the blog would retain its look and effective user experience on mobile and tablet devices was critical for meeting the demands of an audience on the go.

After building the site on a responsive framework, Clickfarm worked in concert with Cerner’s IT team for a smooth transition between front-end development and implementation on their content management system.