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Does Your Business Or Organization Need A Mobile App?

Does Your Business Need A Mobile App

If you ask someone in tech or marketing if you need a mobile app, the default answer is: yes! But the correct answer for your organization is bound to be more nuanced than that.

The first question you have to answer, is what product or service are you offering the end user, and what requirements do you need to meet your service goals? At the end of the day, that is all your user is concerned with, and that’s what will make your website, brand, service or app a must have.

How can we determine together if a mobile app is right for your specific use? Here are a few scenarios where an app is essential:


Is it necessary for you to send timely updates to your clients or user-base? Email was the original push notification. The most common use of a push notification now is to communicate critical, real-time updates (weather, traffic, sports, etc.), while entertainment apps have embraced push to let you know that you’ve waited long enough that you can play that next round of Candy Crush.


Do you need your users to be able to access your content when they don’t have an internet connection? A native app is the only way you’ll be able to reach them while they’re offline. Think of an e-book, which you would want available whether you have service or not (airplane mode!). There are many business productivity apps that require this, such as being able to enter data now while the user is in a dead zone, and transmit the information once they’re in a location with wifi or cell service.


Do you have a lot of data that your user needs to download and sort through? An app will make that information readily available without the user having to download it every time that they need to access it.


If you are selling directly to the consumer, having your app (and by extension logo and brand) in front of your audience whenever they use their phone can be invaluable. The customer is pre-qualifying themselves by downloading your app, giving you the opportunity to offer them your product or service every time they look at their phone. An app can also provide more detailed usage metrics than a website, assisting you in optimizing the end user experience.


A mobile website is great at displaying information, but if you need access to more phone functionality, such as the camera, text messaging service, microphone, or processing power, then the only way you’re going to achieve that functionality is through a native app.

Does your business need a mobile application? We want to know! Contact Clickfarm today to discuss your business needs with a technology professional.

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