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Charitable Donations made Easy with Smile.Amazon

Amazon makes it easy to shop online But now they have made it easy for anyone to get more money donated to their favorite charity.   Although created in 2013, a lot of people still have not heard of the initiative called AmazonSmile, which allows customers of Amazon to select the charity that 5% of…

Stakeholder Interviews

Why Can’t We Just Start Building the Site Already? Your company’s website is not just an external-facing marketing tool. It is a functional aspect of your organization. You can use it not only to engage and inform your audience, but to assist and streamline both internal and public-facing processes across your organization. In order to…

Charitable Tax Deductions for 2018

For 2019 Filings What’s been said Between late summer and end of 2017, the news was beyond frightening about what would happen with the tax reform for 2018. Some of the most troublesome news was in regard to deductions normally allowed on individual taxes. Most of our clients are non-profit organizations and we were concerned…

Periodic Table of Programming Languages
Programming Languages

In today’s booming tech sector, organizations need to become language agnostic to stay relevant. A recent IEEE Spectrum article about the top programming languages for 2015 claims that organizations need to know more than one programming language. At Clickfarm, our team prides ourselves for the diverse languages that we know. If you have a technology…

Website Accessibility Elements
Implementing An Accessible Website

We have buy-in from all parties involved that our website should be accessible and mobile-friendly. How can we make sure that the content we’re providing is accessible to everyone? What are the considerations to actually put an accessible website into practice?

Accessible Website Image
The Case For Accessibility As Standard Practice

The decision to build a new website has been made. You’ve made your branding and style decisions, everyone is happy with design and layout choices. So the only thing left is to have the site built by a developer, right? Actually, there is one additional consideration, and that is how people might interact with your…

Does Your Business Need A Mobile App
Does Your Business Or Organization Need A Mobile App?

If you ask someone in tech or marketing if you need a mobile app, the default answer is: yes! But the correct answer for your organization is bound to be more nuanced than that. The first question you have to answer, is what product or service are you offering the end user, and what requirements…

Art Alley | Kansas City Crossroads
Playtime / Playspace: Necessary

In the world of digital design and marketing, it is important to step away from the daily grind to charge your creative batteries and refocus on the things that truly matter. In my case, when I am feeling the brunt of a stressful day and weather permits, I will sometimes take a leisurely stroll down…

Designing Mobile-First

If you accept that the desktop experience is now inherently equal or less important than mobile or tablet views and if content is prioritized correctly in the first step, the views for wider screens will fall into place fairly organically.

Mobile First vs. Responsive Design

For those of us that live and breathe in the digital domain, mobile first and responsive web design is almost a foregone conclusion. When talking with clients in the “real world” it quickly becomes apparent that while the definitions may appear self-explanatory to a techie, it can be quite confusing to the layperson.

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